Doing some thinking

I am currently ‘between’ jobs, so I have been thinking about life, the meaning of work and what I want from a job. Tricky stuff this, especially as I have just achieved level 50 in the game of life.

I am trying to work out if we (myself and my beautiful, loving partner) could possibly achieve financial independence via blogging. At the research stage right now, whilst still searching for a ‘proper’ job.

We are both intelligent, creative people, with strong work ethics, the problem is with society and conformity within society. You see we are looking down the barrel of retirement and are scared of taking a huge risk. Employers tend to look down on you, if you have a long ‘career break’ (6 months travelling) and that would deplete what little we have built up. Selling everything is an enormous risk, as we need something to cover our heads when we get back and what if that doesn’t work, at our age the banks aren’t so keen to give you a loan.

We have both been made redundant a couple of times and each time have thought about this and not been brave enough to do something about it, but instead have rejoined the ratrace, don’t get me wrong the ratrace is fine and we are happy to run in it, we just want to look at other options and maybe explore them.

I am sure we have all read about people making small fortunes with blogging. Are these true stories? Are these real people? Is it too late to join the blogging bandwagon?

The thing is we don’t need small fortunes, we would like to make enough to travel (and blog) regularly and put something away for our future as well as being able to help those in some need. Between us we support 5 children in Uganda and would love to revisit them, as it has been three years since we last went.

Enough rambling for now. I guess my question is, would anyone be interested in reading about our travels? Would people like to see more of my travel pics?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.