February 2018 edition of Retroautos is now online


The February 2018 edition of Retroautos is now online on the Shannons Club website. Here’s the LINK.

This month we feature the GM’s secret concept car, the “Solaris”. It was designed in late 1961 to test styling ideas and significantly influenced the shape of the HD Holden. We’ve got the inside story and the photos.

Plus, we chat to David Davis about his Austin A105, Russell Holden shares what it is like to own a 102 year old Chevrolet and Wayne Williams, the Car Rescuer, takes us for a tour of his collection, which includes a 1956 Packard 400 and a 1962 Dodge Custom 880

Smash 2017

Hey everyone,

My photography mojo hasn’t been the best for quite awhile.

It came back a bit when I visited Smash 2017, a celebration of Anime and pop culture.

I had a great day and I feel I took some great photos.

Let me know what you think.

This guy was my favourite through out the day. He was always in character, including the walk.

This little dinosaur kept popping up. I think whoever was in the suit had an awesome day.

A nice study.

I think this worked.

Just for fun, playing with software

It has been awhile since I have done any photography. Looking for a new job has consumed most of my creative energy.

I am currently in Victoria and had the pleasure of a couple of hours in Melbourne with my camera.

I have been playing with this shot. Not the final version, but thought I would post it just for fun.

An older Melbourne building, with some space for lease.

Let me know what you think.

Trying a new look for my site.

Hey everyone, I thought it was about time to update my site, with a new look.

I am going for a cleaner feel, which should also be more mobile responsive.

The old theme sometimes didn’t work the best on my phone and as you now know, I am ‘between’ jobs, so updating my site is the ideal distractor.

Please feel free to leave comments about the new look.


Golden Fleece Truck

On our way to camping over the weekend, I spotted this old Golden Fleece Truck.

As the weather was looking a bit dicey, I decided to try and snap the truck on the way back. We wanted to set up our tent in dry weather and luckily we did get everything setup before the rain set in.

On our way back trough Stroud, I popped in and asked the owner for permission to snap his truck. ‘No problems’ he said, so I whipped out my trusty Canon 550D and my not so trusty 18 to 55 lens.

Why is it not so trusty? Because during a trip to Canada, I fell over my own feet and the lens hit the concrete pretty hard and has not been the same since. The auto focus is a little dicey and it takes just a little longer to focus and sometimes needs a helping hand. I don’t mind and for this type of work, it suits me fine to take a little longer. I wouldn’t use it for any action shots though!

Taking this, I thought a new camera with a swivel screen would be a great idea.

Taken in Stroud New South Wale
Taken in Stroud New South Wale

This is a 3 shot HDR, with +2, 0 and -2 exposures.

The three shots are processed in Photomatix and tweaked in Photoshop.