Owina Markets

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The Owina markets in Kampala are simply amazing.

This was our first taste of this type of market and it was completely overwhelming.

Crowded, cramped, people calling out Mzungu, Mzungu at every step. Clothes and various goods being shown to us, people grabbing us to get them to stop at thier stalls and all the while dodging overloaded bikes, wheelbarrows and people carrying bales of clothes so big, they couldn’t see over/around them.

We loved it!

Luckily for us, we met a lovely lady called Robin, who offered to guide us through the maze that is the Owina markets, something we will be forever grateful for, because honestly we wouldn’t have lasted 10 minutes.

The gallery is just some atmosphere shots and a stranger portrait, the first stranger portrait I have been really happy with.

He called me aside and asked if I would give him my camera. I politely explained that I wouldn’t and then asked if I could take his photo. This is the first portrait, which I really like.

I showed him and he said let me look fierce and this is the second shot, which I am really happy with and have had some nice comments about.

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Frank & Gulu

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We recently spent three weeks in Uganda.
We went to meet the children we sponsor, their family and Micheal & Sharon, the people who run the ministry.
What a trip! It was inspirational and we have both returned with a new sense of gratitude for what we have here.
Whilst in Jinja we stayed at the Busoga Guest House (if you are in Jinja, stay there) and were constantly entertained by Frank & Gulu, the guest house dogs.
One day whilst sitting on the verandah, watching the dogs play, Frank ended up on his back with Gulu standing over him. Frank was emitting blood curdling yelps and was in complete submission.
Gulu then went back to whatever he was chewing.
Frank did 3 circuits of the yard and attacked Gulu again.
Literally in 10 seconds Frank was on his back emitting the same yelps.
Everyone on the verandah was in hysterics about Franks appalling short term memory.


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New site is up!

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Good news everyone!

My new site is up and running.

I wiped the old one as I wanted to switch to a blog format, so I am now using WordPress.

Over time I will redo and repost the old articles, well most of them anyway!


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