Smash 2017

Hey everyone,

My photography mojo hasn’t been the best for quite awhile.

It came back a bit when I visited Smash 2017, a celebration of Anime and pop culture.

I had a great day and I feel I took some great photos.

Let me know what you think.

This guy was my favourite through out the day. He was always in character, including the walk.

This little dinosaur kept popping up. I think whoever was in the suit had an awesome day.

A nice study.

I think this worked.

Spark Camera Remote via Kickstarter

Hey everyone.

I have pledged for the Spark camera remote, looks like a lot of bang for my buck with plenty of features.

A massive 2000 hour battery life, so I don’t see why you would take it off your camera?


Allows long exposures, time lapse photography and selfies with your DLSR.

What’s not to love?

Click here for details

Just for fun, playing with software

It has been awhile since I have done any photography. Looking for a new job has consumed most of my creative energy.

I am currently in Victoria and had the pleasure of a couple of hours in Melbourne with my camera.

I have been playing with this shot. Not the final version, but thought I would post it just for fun.

An older Melbourne building, with some space for lease.

Let me know what you think.

Calendars are now available!

I am very pleased and proud to have put together two calendars available for purchase from Redbubble.

One is themed around Raysrelics and contains Raysrelics (Oddly enough!) A collection of old cars and trucks in various states of disrepair.

If you have been reading RetroAutos, then you will have seen these shots featured in the magazine

Raysrelics calendar
Raysrelics calendar


The second calendar is a collection of flower shots, which will add a splash of colour to any month.

Flowers calendar.
Flowers calendar.

Both are printed on high quality paper and can be shipped most anywhere in the world.

If you want to have a closer look, please click on the calendar you are interested in.


I had an interview today, with David, the editor of RetroAutos.

We spoke about my photography, techniques and inspiration.

I am going to supply 5 – 6 photos for the article which will appear in the October issue of RetroAutos and hopefully in some National newspapers.

The October issue will also feature oneĀ of my photos on the cover.

Tow Truck

This is a bit exciting!